Over 100 Years In Wood

A part of the Thamarappally family, The Jac Group prides itself in a tradition of over 100 years in the timber and plantation industry. From forestry and Plantations in the late 19th and early 20th century, the Group ventured into the manufacturing segment in 1959 under the dynamic leadership of late T.K.Jacob.

We believe that wood and wood products are our core strength. Over the years, JacGroup has developed various value added products for the interior and building industry. We constantly strive to set industry benchmarks and adhere to environment safety norms. Innovation is a part of our culture and we are the pioneers in manufacturing and trading of various products such as K/D Furniture, Group matched Veneers, Flexi Veneers, Veneered MDF, Jacwud Hardwood MDF, Veneered and Laminated Doors, Water proof WPC Boards, Pre-hung Doors, Clip-on Wall Paneling systems, Jac Floor and much more. We continue to be a leader in various wood related products with a strong presence in both the Indian and International markets.

Jac Veneer, the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Group Matched Veneers in India has an extensive range of veneers from around the world. Our exotic range of burls, pommele, figured and fumed veneers are a treat for the most discerning. Our designer collection opens out a limitless canvas for creativity. Touch, feel and smell our veneers and you will experience the natural difference, VENEERED MDF, another first from JacVeneer is our gift to every Interior designer as it enhances their work and also brings down the cost. This versatile product comes in 3,6,12,15,18 and 25 mm and is available in all the species in our veneer collection.

Kuruvilla Kochu Thommen

(Appai) (1844-1910) Founder of Thamarappally Family Member of the Travancore Sri Mulam Assembly


(1881-1947) Member of the Sri Chithra, Travancore State Legislative Council (1928-31) and Travancore Sri Mulam Assembly (1933-37)

Thamarappally Kochuthommen

Thomas (1904-1975)

Thamarappally Kochuthommen Jacob

(T K Jacob) (1933-2004)
Founder Jac Group