American Walnut Veneer

One of the Best Veneers in Kerala

Jac Veneer is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of Veneers in India. Being the best Veneers manufacturer and supplier in Kerala, we have an extensive range of veneers from around the world. Our designer collection of the best veneers in Kerala opens out a limitless canvas for creativity.

One of the best veneers is the exotic American Walnut Veneer. It is made out of the American Walnut, also called Black Walnut. It is an exotic wood species that comes in rich dark-brown and purple-black colors. Due to the many notable attributes of the wood species, it is widely used as veneers.

American Walnut Veneers from Jac Veneer, being one of the best veneers in Kerala, can be used for an array of surfacing needs. Particularly in spaces like lounges and malls where aesthetics has a significant role. The unique makeup, durability, and easy maintenance of American walnut veneer make it to be one of the most popular, in-demand, and best real wood veneers in Kerala.