American White Oak (F)

AMERICAN WHITE OAK (F) Trade Name White Oak, American White Oak Origin North America Enquiry Form

American White Oak (F)

AMERICAN WHITE OAK (F) Trade Name White Oak, American White Oak Origin  North America Enquiry Form


ROSEWOOD Trade Name Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood Origin Asia Enquiry Form

European Maple

EUROPEAN MAPLE Trade Names European Maple Similar Woods Sycamore Plane, Field Maple, Wild Servicetree, Beech Origin Europe Range Has almost the same distribution area as the Sycamore. However, to the north as far as Norway but not so far to the south. Uses Earlier preferred for peeled veneer but today also produced as sliced veneer. It […]


BUBINGA Trade Names Bubinga, Kevazingo Similar Woods Mutenye, Libenge, Etimoe Origin Africa Range West Africa, from East Nigeria through Gabon to Zaire, drier regions in the lower tropical rain forests. Trees up to 45 m tall with conspi- cuously high roots. Differentiation is made between plain striped and pommele Bubinga wood, latter of which is […]


MANGO Trade Names Mango Similar Woods — Origin Tropical Regions of South Asia Range The Mango tree ranks among the most popular and well-known tree species in the South Asian tropics. It goes without saying though that the use of the fruit of the Mango tree is considerably higher than that of its wood. The […]

Lebanese Cedar

LEBANESE CEDAR Trade Names Lebanese Cedar, Salomon Cedar Similar Woods Atlas Cedar, Dutch Elm Origin Minor Asia, especially in the Lebanon Range Today’s occurrences of the Lebanese Cedar in its country of origin are extremely small. In the Lebanon itself there are only 1,700 hectare left of this species. The Lebanese Cedar once was one […]

American White Oak

AMERICAN WHITE OAK Trade Names White Oak, American White Oak Similar Woods Chestnut, European White Oak Origin North America Range Throughout North America but mainly in the Eastern and Mid-West states. Known especially as suppliers of high quality veneer are the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. Since there are over 80 different species […]

Angico Preto

ANGICO PRETO Trade Names Curupay, Pepperwood Similar Woods Santos Palisander Origin South America Range Tropical South America, Southern Brazil, tempered South America Uses Mainly used for parquet ooring, however, also used as construction wood and for stairways. Even in South America, it is used only seldom for furniture by the veneer industry and thus is […]